Property Crime Rates: Top U.S. Cities

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  • 18 Sep, 2017
Big cities are known for having more incidences of crime than smaller cities, including higher rates of property crimes. Here are some cities with the highest property crime rates in the U.S.

Cities with the Most Property Crimes

The following cities have the highest property crime rates per 100,000 residents:
1. Tucson, AZ: 6,581.9
2. Orlando, FL: 6,359
3. St. Louis, MO: 6,252.6
4. Seattle, WA: 6,127.3
5. Memphis, TN: 5,988.0
6. Oakland, CA: 5,943.3
7. Atlanta, GA: 5,747.4
8. St. Petersburg, FL: 5,642.2
9. Cincinnati, OH: 5,562.2
10. Albuquerque, NM: 5,556.1
11. Cleveland, OH: 5,434.4
12. San Antonio, TX: 5,417.8
13. Wichita, KS: 5,382.3
14. San Francisco, CA: 5,303.2
15. Portland, OR: 5,234.8

Note that these high numbers may be attributed to better, more accurate crime reporting compared to other cities, where residents may have similar property crime rates but don’t report them as often as denizens in the cities listed above.

In contrast, these cities have the lowest property crime rates:

1. Santa Fe, NM: 2,773.8
2. Youngstown, OH: 2,612.4
3. Springfield, OH: 2,353.8
4. Canton, OH: 2,180.7
5. Hamilton, OH: 2,052.8
6. Gary, IN: 2,030.5
7. Macon, GA: 1,969.1
8. Lorain, OH: 1,942.4
9. North Little Rock, AK: 1,907.3
10. Albany, GA: 1,793.4
11. Lauderhill, GA: 1,793.0
12. Jonesboro, AK: 1,694.6
13. Terre Haute, IN1,692.5
14. Yakima, WA: 1,683.8
15. Wilmington, DE: 1,681.3

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Big cities are known for having more incidences of crime than smaller cities, including higher rates of property crimes. Here are some cities with the highest property crime rates in the U.S.
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