How to Choose a Home Safe

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  • 27 Jan, 2017
Dixie Security Solutions Home and Gun Safes

Storing your valuables at home means you need somewhere secure to keep them, and that means a home safe. In order to best protect your prized possessions, you won’t just want to choose any old safe without spending a bit of time learning about the options available to you.

A good home safe should protect your valuables in case of a fire, water damage or would-be thieves. In case of a fire, your most important documents and possessions should be able to survive in a fire-resistant safe, which is one of the biggest concerns of most safe buyers.

Fire Protection

You may think your home will never catch fire, but there is actually a one in four chance of experiencing a fire in your home severe enough to warrant a call to the fire department.

You may be surprised to learn that safes rated to protect paper documents can still get up to 350° F inside. If you need to store DVDs or computer disks you won’t want the inside of the safe to exceed 125° F, so you will need to spend a bit more. Most home safes offer 30 minutes of protection, but paying more may be able to increase that time.

Burglary Protection

If you see a safe with a TL rating, such as TL-15, it means that particular safe is designed to withstand an attack of 15 minutes with common tools. You may find that most home safes don’t have a burglary resistance rating, as this feature is more common for commercial use such as in jewelry stores.

There are, however, some built-in measures to protect your valuables against the dregs of society. Safes typically weigh 100 pounds with nothing in them, making them difficult to carry. Many of them also come with bolt-down kits or are concealed in a wall or floor.

Water Protection

If your home becomes flooded, you won’t want that water to seep into your safe. Even if you don’t live in an area prone to flooding, you can’t be too careful just in case a plumbing emergency happens.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Safe

  • Size based on what you want to keep in it
  • Portable or permanently installed
  • Combination or keyed lock
  • Price of safe

Choosing a Safe in Houston

Dixie Security Solutions is here to help you choose the best safe for your home. We can help you understand all your options and also provide safe repairs and maintenance. If you have an old safe you can’t get into, we can open it and recommend what to replace it with. Contact Dixie Security Solutions today for all your commercial and residential safe and lock needs.
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In an emergency, you are likely better off contacting a professional locksmith. Dixie Security Solutions are available for all your residential and commercial locksmith needs.
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To purchase the right lock and key combination for your home or business contact Dixie Security Solutions.
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