Electronic Locks and Other Electronic Security Devices for Houston Homes and Businesses  

Every home and business has different security needs, and for many this extends to electronic locks and hardware. Dixie Security Solutions offers a comprehensive array of electronic locks and security devices available for purchase and installation in the Houston area. Our specialized security system design team can provide expert advice on where you may want to consider implementing these electronic locking devices.
Magnetic Locks 
Magnetic locks from companies such as Sercuritron, RCI and Locknetics can effectively secure and fortify a door when properly installed by trained professionals such as ours.

Electric Door Strikes 
Electric door strikes are essential for doors with keycards and other non-keyed access systems. We can help you choose the right electric door strike for your needs and budget in addition to offering professional installation.

Electric Bolt Locks
Electric bolt locks can be extremely valuable for many businesses, especially those who require secured interior doors or secured cabinets. Because many interior doors and cabinets can vary drastically in size and use, it pays to have a professional analyze your application needs and help you find a reliable solution.

Electronic Keypads
For many homeowners and businesses, having electronic keypads is just more convenient and secure than having keyed or key card entry systems. We are experts in electronic keypads, and our system designers can develop an effective solution to meet your entry security needs.

Biometric Equipment 
Biometric equipment is a specialized field but is quickly becoming more and more common in the security industry. We offer surprisingly affordable biometric entry solutions that can be integrated with existing security systems and electronic locking devices. 

How to Determine Which Type of Electric Lock is Right for Your Needs

The most important factors are: Where is the door located? What kind of door is it? And what kind of security is required?  

It’s important to determine relevant building safety codes for your area and ensure that your security locks are compliant with regulations. As a long-time Houston company specializing in electronic locks, we have the knowledge to assist.

  1. Can the existing door fit an electric lock or be easily modified to incorporate one?
  2. Should the door be failsafe, meaning it only locks when it receives energy and unlocks during a power outage or emergency loss of power, or failsecure, meaning it only unlocks when it is electrified as a result of a keypad, biometric or keycard entry device?  
  3. Is the door needed for escape purposes in case of fire or other emergencies?
  4. Is it a fire-rated exit?  
  5. What kind of lockset is currently being used, and what kind is desired? 
  6. Is it a traditional swinging door or something different?   

These are just a few of the questions one of our electric lock and security professionals can help you answer as you decide which option is best for you. If you’d like more information on electronic locks or would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call.

Let Us Help You Determine Which Electronic Security Solution Best Fits Your Needs
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