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Surveillance and CCTV Systems for Houston Area Homes and Businesses  

Surveillance cameras aren’t just great for added security and accountability, they’re also a valuable deterrent and an excellent addition to both home and commercial security systems. CCTV systems are one of our specialties at Dixie Security Solutions, and we’re proud to offer a diverse range of options and capabilities to ensure we can develop a system customized to meet your property’s unique needs.

Easy Surveillance Options

Your CCTV system will feed directly into an included DVR, ensuring optimal backup and easy access for yourself and law enforcement should a break in or incident occur. We offer a diverse array of options, from all-weather exterior camera setups to interior cameras in sensitive areas of your office, multi-camera systems and even some do-it-yourself surveillance device options.

Hidden Cameras vs. Dummy Cameras

There’s a time and place for visible cameras and hidden cameras in most CCTV systems. Dummy cameras, or even visibly placed security cameras, are an excellent deterrent device, as criminals are far less likely to target a facility or home if they know they’re being watched. Properly placed hidden cameras are a great tool for recording criminal activities and are often placed so they are harder to avoid than visible cameras. We can help you develop a system that incorporates both effectively.
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