Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

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  • 27 Sep, 2016
Commercial Security Systems

Having a reliable security system is important for every business, regardless of the sensitivity of the information within, because every commercial building holds valuable assets integral to the operations of that business.

But beyond that common denominator, there are vastly different security needs for different types of businesses based on many factors such as employee working hours, confidentiality of client and proprietary information and sometimes multi-tiered access entry.

Advanced Access Control Systems

There are many benefits to using keypads, key cards, fingerprint readers and even biometric systems to control access to your business or even sensitive areas within your facility. All these options have the benefit of being able to easily and quickly deny a former employee access by invalidating their entrance information or key card.

If there are areas of your facility that should only be accessible to certain employees, fingerprint readers and biometric systems may be a good way to cordon off these areas while still making access relatively easy for those who need it.

The other benefit of going electronic with your entry system is the ability to log entries. Should theft, vandalism or any other type of security lapse happen on your premises, a log of who accessed the facility at the corresponding times could be potentially invaluable.

CCTV and Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a must for many businesses. Visible cameras have been proven to act as a deterrent in and of themselves, as criminals and vandals are much less likely to strike when they lose the cover of anonymity. Some businesses choose to use dummy cameras for the deterrent effect alone.

Companies with outside storage areas or fleet lots can especially benefit from the inclusion of a comprehensive video surveillance system, as well as businesses that have employees coming and going at all hours.

There are many affordable CCTV options today that incorporate DVR as well as live monitoring capabilities to ensure easy access and reliable backups. These recordings are also easily shared with law enforcement should the need arise.

Alarm Systems

Having a specially designed alarm system for your business is a must. There are no businesses that are entirely impervious to the threat of vandals or burglars, and if someone is trying to force entry into your business you obviously want to know immediately.

Many companies can install cookie-cutter security systems and farm out the monitoring of that system to a budget call center, but it’s generally better to go with a trusted professional who will analyze your business, take into account your unique facility and then customize a security system and monitoring solution tailored to your needs.

At Dixie Security Solutions , we’re proud to offer the latest security technology and adjust our services and plans to ensure every client gets the security system they need without paying for options that won’t contribute to a successful security plan.

If you’re interested in speaking with a local Houston commercial security expert, give us a call at (713) 643-5767 and we’ll schedule an appointment for one of our professionals to come out and analyze your facility.

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