Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Professionally Designed Alarm Systems Tailored to Your Houston Property

Every Houston area business and home is different, and an alarm system designed for one may not work for another. At Dixie Security Solutions, we customize an alarm and monitoring system based on your needs and your facilities, and adjust our services to respond to any specialized needs your home, office or facility may require. 

Our sales and alarm system design specialists understand that you require a certain level of security within a specific budget range, and we’re experts at designing a solution that meets your needs within your means.

  We are happy to offer free consultations at your home or office to perform a walk-through and give you an idea of what we can accomplish and how much it may cost. Give us a call at (713) 643-5767 to schedule today!

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Security System?

Is the company you’re looking at going to hoist your monitoring service off onto a third-party provider? 
At Dixie Security Solutions we’re proud to say that we keep all our customers’ monitoring services in house where we can maintain the utmost in quality.

Are you interested in a system without the added cost or hassle of monitoring?
We can design a system with alarm bells or exterior sirens that do not automatically report to a monitoring center. 

Does the company you’re considering only sell proprietary systems?
Proprietary may sound fancy and advanced, but in reality it means that you’re stuck using that same company for all your alarm services in the future. Dixie Security Solutions doesn’t believe in forcing customers to remain clients, we are determined to keep you by providing exceptional service without the gimmicks.

Monitoring & Equipment Services

Having an alarm system installed is only half the battle. Ensuring you have a reliable company to monitor the system is an important aspect of a security system for many of our customers. We are proud to provide both radio and phone line monitoring solutions, and run our own facility of live operators who are standing at the ready to alert the relevant authorities about any alarm notices from your system.

Regardless of whether or not Dixie Security Solutions installed your alarm or security system, chances are we are familiar with the technology and can offer industry-leading service in troubleshooting or addressing any system issues you may be experiencing. 

Let Us Customize an Alarm System for Your Unique Needs
Call (713) 643-5767 Today to Get Started!
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