Access Control and Standalone Locks

Access Control Systems and Standalone Locks for Houston Homes and Businesses

Our standalone lock devices are designed to safeguard against forced and manipulated intrusions with easy-to-use keypad entry interfaces for authorized personnel. Magnetized and drill-resistant locks halt intruders in their tracks, guaranteeing our clients’ peace of mind. 

Access Control Options
There are a number of access control options you can utilize to enable access for those who are welcome in your building and refuse access to those who aren’t. These can include: 
  • Keypads 
  • Key Cards 
  • Fingerprint Readers 
  • Biometric Systems 
Access Control Benefits
Not only do access control systems control who comes into and out of your facility, they also log all authorized entrances. This logging trail can be a valuable tool if there is an incident and you need to determine exactly how and why it occurred.

Restrict Access to Certain People If you use an advanced access control system in your building, including internal doors, you can strictly regulate who can go where depending on their level of authorization. 

Easily Change Access
If a person has a key lost or stolen, you can easily shut off access or reset the password of a person who has been terminated or who is no longer welcome on the premises. 

Cutting-Edge Detection Software
Dixie Security Solutions utilizes intrusion detection software to accurately report breaches and quickly notify authorities of an illegal incursion when it occurs, quickening emergency responder dispatch times. 
Discover the World of Difference Access Control Systems and Standalone Locks Can Make
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